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Click Here for the Step by Step guideline on how to sign up MyRepublic mobile on your own.


If I sign up can I get connected to MyRepublic Mobile now?

Yes! Once you’ve signed up and received your MyRepublic SIM card, you’ll be immediately able to connect to the MyRepublic Mobile network.


How long do I need to wait before I get my SIM card?

You’ll be able to select your delivery date and time when you place your order. You’ll also receive an SMS notification when your SIM card is being delivered.


Will you be launching more plans?

Yes! We will be launching phone bundles as well as bundles with home broadband soon.


What if I sign up for a MyRepublic Mobile plan now and I want to switch to another one later?

Our change plan feature will be available from 29th June 2018 onwards. The good news is that MyRepublic Mobile plans have no contract requirement. Additionally, you won’t be charged for changing your plan to another MyRepublic Mobile plans.

In other words, if you prefer a plan that we launch at a future date, you’re free to upgrade or downgrade your existing MyRepublic Mobile plan. Worry-free right?


What's Boundless Data?

Boundless Data is a feature of MyRepublic Mobile plans. It means never worrying about paying extra or being cut off from the internet for going beyond your mobile plan’s data allowance.

After your plan’s data allowance is exceeded, your mobile data speed will simply be reduced. You can still keep using data, just at a slower speed.

If you’d like to increase your data speed during this time, you can get one of our one-time Data Boosters: these boost your data allowance i.e. get you back to full speed and are valid for 30 days.

The idea is to allow you to decide exactly how much you want to spend on data every month, without worrying about accidental or unexpected “excess data charges”, or being cut off just when you need a bit more data.


Why call it Boundless Data and not Unlimited Data?

We know there are a number of “Unlimited Data” plans in the market today and honestly, we find the term is starting to confuse customers. Some unlimited data plans are managed by Fair Use Policies which are hard to find and understand. Some unlimited data plans aren’t really unlimited, which only add to the frustrations and suspicions people already have with telcos.

We use “Boundless Data” to describe our MyRepublic Mobile feature because we want to be clear that it’s not “unlimited”. Your speed will be reduced after you hit your data allowance but you won’t be charged extra. We want to be transparent about this.

Additionally, “Boundless Data” is a key feature of MyRepublic Mobile, not a single plan. It’s important to us that everyone should have a worry-free mobile experience, not just people who are able to pay more for an “unlimited” plan.


How fast is the speed after I hit my data allowance?

After you exceed your plan’s data allowance, you will still be able to surf the web, check email, use Google Maps, chat, make Whatsapp calls — even stream music.


Will MyRepublic Mobile offer phones/handset bundles?

That’s definitely something we plan to do soon, although we can’t provide any further details on those plans right now.



Roam Like Home

Staying connected overseas should be as easy and worry-free as your plan back home.






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