Step By Step Mobile Sign Up




Step 1) Go to, click on any " Sign Up Online Here" button. Don't click "back" or "refresh" or it will be log out.

Step 2) Key in your NRIC No. and Date of Birth. The Dealer's ID "D1000604" must be on top and all subsequent pages before you continue.

Step 3) Check if Deposit is needed in the Customer Profile Report. $150-$200 deposit needed for certain customers. Work Permit and Student Pass holders will need to pay $150 deposit.

Step 4) Click on the Menu "Mobile Plans" on the Top.



Step 5) Select your desired Mobile Plans

Step 6a) Select Add-Ons (if any). Noted: All prices stated are inclusive of GST.


Step 6b) Click "CHECKOUT" to continue

Step 7) Click "Next"  under "New MyRepublic Customer? " unless you are an existing  MyRepublic Fibre Broadband customer and remembered your Email address and Password for your MyRepublic MyAccount. 


            If you are an existing MyRepublic broadband customer, you will get the extra 3GB-8GB Bonus Data even if you click "Next" under "New MyRepublic Customer. No Worry.


Step 8a) Fill up your personal particulars

Step 8b) Click Singaporean/PR or Foreigner. 

            Enter Personal Details, including uploading of NRIC (front & back). Max 10 MB size per photo. Input "0" in unit number if the customer is staying in a landed property.


Step 8c ) IMPORTANT: If you select "Singaporean/PR" above, In the Dealer's Section on the bottom left-hand corner of the page, you will need to use your SINGPASS to check the NRIC validity and enter the "iCheck Reference No" in that box.

Step 9a) IMPORTANT: For Singaporean/PR applicants, go to

               Scroll down "Enquire Application Status"

               Login with your SingPass

               Then click on " Enquiry on validity of NRIC or Immigration Pass" 

               Copy & Paste the "Enquiry Reference Number" into the above " iCheck Reference" box.

                The Reference Number should look similar to " EQ/2018/07/479817". Copy & Paste that number which appears at the last page of the enquiry into the iCheck Reference box.








Step 9b) IMPORTANT: For Foreigner: No Need to check validity with ICA as stated in 9a.

1) Enter Personal Details, including uploading of ID (front & back). Max 10 MB size per photo

2) MUST Upload Proof of Billing Address, meaning tenancy agreement

3) In the Dealer's Section on the bottom left-hand corner of the page, enter the FIN Expiry Date before Click" Next: Choose Number"

The system will do an internal credit check first then followed by external (credit bureau).

Step 10a) If the customer chooses to keep their existing number, then will need to fill up the existing number and click "Verify this is your Number" to receive the OTP  SMS for the number porting verification. Input the OTP Number and click "DONE".

Step 10b) If the customer chooses to port a number that does not belong to him, then he will need to download the "Transfer of Mobile Number Ownership form" AFTER selecting the "No Leh" on the "Is this number registered with your name?" section.

Step 10c) If a customer wants a new number, then select "Get a Brand New Number" under the "Choose Your Number" section.
Select you to prefer mobile number and click "Next: Choose Delivery"

Step 11a) Choose Your Delivery address, date and time. Delivery address CAN BE difference from the billing address. So you may want to state your office address if you select office hour time period for the delivery.
Then click "Next" Review"

Delivery date is T+2. eg. Order submitted on Monday, earliest appointment will be Thurs. Timing is Monday- Sat, except PH.

Step 11b) Review the order and click "Edit" to amend personal details or delivery address and timeslot if necessary.

Step 12) Enter Credit/Debit card details.AMEX and Diners credit/debit card is NOT ACCEPTED.

- Tick on the " I have read, understood and agree... notice" box.

Step 13) Click "Complete My Order"